Shambush! Festival Summer

Shambush! teaching Japanese at Playgroup Festival.

Oooh we’re ever so excited. It’s Shambush! Summer a go-go. We’ll be hitting the road soon in Doris (the not so trusty, but damn fine VW Camper – wave as you drive by us in the hard shoulder) and heading first to Glastonbury. Here we’ll help build and perform in an area of Shangri-La with the excellent Emma of Dusty Cupboard.

Then we’ll get on the road to Tiverton, for Watts Fest, where we’ll be hosting ‘Roacheez’ – The best and only bar at the end of the universe. Then, swerving the badly organised mess that SGP has become, we’ll be heading to our lovely friend’s wedding in a tree house! Oh yeah, gonna be a good un.

Furthermore we shall then head to Playgroup Festival for some riotously great times where we will be running the ‘Shambush! Creepy Creche’ – For Wrong-rats not Rug-rats. Expect a Shambush!-built playground, the most epic twister challenge in existence, games and challenges galore and a little, secret, creepy place for you to try and relax in…

We’ll catch you (literally) in a mucky field very soon! YAY!

Shambush! Festival Summer

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