The Shambush! Brighton Freebie Challenge

Shambush! have decided to further indulge in this fair city and its many, many cultural offerings with a new challenge – The Shambush! Brighton Freebie Challenge.

What’s on in Brighton? Well lots, we know, but what is FREE? We have set ourselves the challenge of  blagging whatever we can plundering this city for pleasure with no fiscal capabilities and experiencing the true beauty of our fair city and then you lucky (if you’re reading this are you lucky?) lot get to read about it and try these devastatingly exciting antics yourselves… 

We’ve already been happy receivers of free lunches and free gigs and we know where there is an almost never-ending supply of free fresh baked bread, but we’d like more. We always want more! The more exciting and innovative the better.  Tell us what to do and where to go. Go on you know you want to.

Editors Note:

To some it may seem like we’re just scrounging as much free stuff as possible because we’re cheap ass broke bastards, but it’s a challenge, a quest, like the Blues Brother’s we’re on a mission from God, an enterprise, an expedition, a crusade that delves into the very heart of Brighton living, a journey of discovery we assure you, so thats fine then! Help us help you spend nothing…

The Shambush! Brighton Freebie Challenge

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