The Shambush! Coffee Table book of Shit Stories – Rachel’s Soup

It’s a common known fact, or  maybe a fact known to me and a few others, that everyone has a story about soup. Soup stories provide ample fodder for the The Coffee Table Book of Shit Stories, in fact Shambush! could probably create a whole other book about soup anecdotes, but I don’t feel like it. So here is a story from our dear friend Rachel –  A story so intensely dull and long- winded, that it had to be included in this tome.

It goes something like this:

Rachel had a cold. She works with snotty children, so it’s not unlikely that this may occur. To combat this sickness Rachel decided to make some soup. Rachel thought she would perhaps like to make something spicy. Something like curried parsnip or leek and potato perhaps? She pondered this on route to the shop, the local shop was called something like Star Foods, that is slightly irrelevant, but Rachel recalled these details to us anyway.

On arrival in the shop she was astounded to discover that the selection of vegetables was somewhat limited. There were no parsnips and no leek or potato or perhaps she didn’t want leek and potato, we’re afraid the story was so dreary our recollections of this tale are dimming. They only had carrots and we all know carrot soup isn’t really that exciting.

Well I guess you’re all wondering what Rachel did then? Well we can tell you what she did she made a different kind of soup. Rachel made a kind of mixed vegetable soup. We assume she may have used carrots and onions. We do know that she used chilli, so at least it was a little spicy as she had first intended. That’s nice. Anyway Rachel made a big batch of soup and she had some the next day and it was even more flavoursome and with a nice chilli kick to help combat her cold. What we don’t know, however, is did she use garlic? We think this would have been wise as we all know garlic is supposed to be good for colds.

The Shambush! Coffee Table book of Shit Stories – Rachel’s Soup

One thought on “The Shambush! Coffee Table book of Shit Stories – Rachel’s Soup

  • 12 August, 2011 at 9:18 am

    One soup Rachel may like to prepare next time she has a snotty-child induced cold especially in these summer months is carrot apple and ginger, you only use one apple and loads of carrots and ginger so its not too sweet. But it is a wonderful soup and appropriate in almost any circumstance which calls for a soupy mealtime addition.

    Much love,
    Rheanna x


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