Hire Shambush!

Hire Shambush! for your event. Book our tried and tested Shambush! walkabout experiences or have a chat with us about our bespoke services. Contact Shambush! for a quote and more information.

Happy Housewives

Great for Tea and Garden Parties. Let our hyper, happy housewives fuss over you and lavish you with attention. Expect spick and span service of the chintziest degree.

Shambush! Happy Housewives

The Shambush! Theme Park Experience

Bring all the fun of the fair to your event. Let shambush condense all the disappointment of a day at a theme park into a two minute rollecoaster ride complete with Water Rapids, Petting Zoo and of course The Ride of the Future: The Ride!

Shambush! Theme Park Experience


Bring all the glitz and glamour of the Silver Screen to your event. Our monochrome movie stars can speak volumes without uttering a word.


Hire our world class Jungalist Zooligists to classify and catch your guests and add that exotic element to your evening’s entertainment.

The Shambulance!

Our crack team of incompetant paramedics will bring medical mayhem and a sense of emergency to all proceedings.

Bespoke Performances and Events

In the past Shambush have created bespoke events for 9 to 9000 people in all sorts of venues, from nooks and crannies to the Brighton Dome.

We’ll work closely with you to create your own Shambush! experience, for inspiration and a look at our past events and blog. Shambush! can tailor events to suit all budgets.