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After the worldwide success of The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience and inspiring The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever, Shambush! are proud present their Space Station at SouthWestFest and Tate Britain!

We’re back with another performative, interactive art installation and it’s out of this world!

This summer celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing with Shambush! and their Space Station. An accumulative artwork, fun for young children and families.

Shambush! will lead our intrepid explorers in building a giant space station with crafty materials made over the 4 weekends of SouthWestFest. Create a ‘solar panel’ and collect stickers from each training camp to become a fully qualified Sham-Astonaut and discover the secrets inside the Shambush! Space Station. An exploration of all things out of this world!

29th June | 12pm – 6pm | SouthWestFest Festival Day |St George’s Square, Pimlico 
6th July | 2pm – 5pm | Tachbrook Estate Community Hall
13th July | 2.00pm – 5.00pm | Thamesbank Centre
14th July | 2.00pm – 5.00pm | Ebury Bridge Estate Hall
20th & 21st July | The Garden and Duffield Room at Clore Gallery Tate Britain 

Shambush Space Station
Shambush Space Station