Shambush and The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever

PAST EVENT: The Ultimate, Ultimate Kate Bush Experience and The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever!
July 16th, 12pm – 4.15pm, Lambeth Country Show

Dust off your red dresses, grab a wig and get ready to unleash your inner Cathy via the medium of dance … Shambush! are back with The Ultimate, Ultimate Kate Bush Experience!

Was it really only three years ago that we produced The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience as part of Brighton Fringe 2013, garnering international coverage and a 300-strong field full of Bush-a-likes along the way?

Yes. Yes it was… and much like Cathy herself, it’s back Heathcliff – let them in-a-your window, eh?

After an online revival in late 2015 – which saw footage of the event go viral to inspire 18 (and growing) independent, global events under the umbrella of The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever – we’ll mastermind the brand new Ultimate, Ultimate Kate Bush Experience; an event dedicated to the brilliance of Bush, delivered with a serious dose of silly.

Watch footage from the original Shambush! Ultimate Kate Bush Experience

Taking place in London on July 16th at Lambeth Country Show, The Ultimate, Ultimate Kate Bush Experience will coincide with other Kate Bush-inspired events taking place across the globe; from Berlin to Montreal, Atlanta to Sydney. With plenty of ridiculous activities, seriously silly dancing and competitions thoughout the day, all culminating in an unofficial record-breaking attempt at a mass Wuthering Heights performance – your place in music history beckons.

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Find out more details and view the map to the find our area here.


We can’t wait to do this alongside all these other countries on July 16th and be part of The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever!


★ Montreal ★

★ Atlanta ★


★ Tel Aviv ★

★ Berlin ★

★ Uppsala ★

★ Malmö ★

★ Lisbon ★

★ Copenhagen ★

★ Oslo ★

★ Melborne ★

★ Hobart ★

★ Adelaide ★

★ Amsterdam ★


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