A week in Shambush!

My goodness there’s been a lot going on lately and we’ve been trying to see it all…

So last Friday we saw our Imogen in New World Order we then attended the all new Pop Up Playgroup at what was Hector’s House. It was grand indeed, the busiest we’ve seen it in ages and much, much fun.  The night was a fund-raiser for the Kemp Town Carnival and  played host to Boycom and Barulho – who we likeee.

On Saturday we went to see Carabosse’s Jardin Flambeau in St Anne’s Well Gardens and my it was flaming  amazing. There were some fantastic fire sculptures complete with twisting turning iron work, falling balloons, flying penguins, floating t-shirts and cascading flames it was Tre(e)s Spectacular!

On Sunday we had a bimble round the Artist’s Open Houses in Hanover and it was extremely pleasant, obviously there was some good art on display, but we all know that’s not why we go to the Open Houses. We go to be nosy and get house envy.

Tuesday involved enjoying the sun on the beach and then a pub quiz at the Fiddler’s Elbow, which we would maybe have had a chance of winning if we’d got there in time.

On Wednesday we popped out for a meeting and ended up in Pop-Up Playgroup enjoying Club Massah, which was pretty damn excellent – a host of excellent musicians drummed out some drummy, dancey goodness.

Thursday night was full of fun too. We saw some great film shorts in the level put on by solar powered cinema  One Way Theatre,  which is a truly brilliant enterprise, here is their Facebook Page so you can see what they are up to and you really should.

The Wasp Factory played at The Druids and regaled us pre-show with some extremely amusing stories of their time on tour and then there was singing and dancing and much fun was had. The sad thing was we forgot to bring any spare pants to throw at Cliff, Ben and Scott.

Friday was a pleasure too as we went to The Brunswick to see The Black Hats, who are now The Black Fields and they played a damn fine set and we had a good wiggle on the dance floor. The only lowlight of the night  is that, once again, we forgot our granny pants to throw.

As Georgie says we need to carry some round just in case. Two nights in a row without granny pants to throw at our musician friends is just poor form.

A week in Shambush!

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