Shambush! at Playgroup Royale

Shambush! Jilted Brides

Shambush! had a grand time at Playgroup Royale last night. As usual Playgroup put on a damn fine party. Playgroup Royale – the Anti-Wedding Special was a source of celebration for many and sadness for some as Shambush! (very vocally) paraded their woe and disappointment that we would never be Princesses.  Why? Why? WHY?!?!?!?! Why wasn’t it us? 

However consolation was sought with some shotgun weddings, excellent music and quality mingling.

We were given Princess training by a host of potty mouthed and very beautiful Princesses and we have a certificate to prove it!

Shambush! very much enjoyed the company of Los Albertos, Fat 45 and Shamblin Sexton who managed to raise us from the deep, dark misery of us all being alone, forever…

Shambush! at Playgroup Royale
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