PHOTOS: Shambush! Room and Board at SouthWestFest

We were so happy to get involved with so many amazing people at SouthWestFest last weekend. We had a great time.

A few snaps from this weekend’s antics. With SouthWestFest festival-goers box bricks Shambush managed to build a massive, positive house of hope in Tate Britain. Through the use of (lots of) poster paint and boxes, we’re chuffed that everyone created such a joyous reflection on hope and home and so many people got involved. Here are just a few quick-phone snaps to give you an idea of the creativity that was unleashed! Plenty more to follow…

A big thanks to all those at SouthWestFest, especially to Joanna Hedges, who was, as ever, a pleasure to partner and produce with

PHOTOS: Shambush! Room and Board at SouthWestFest

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